What is ePDQ FlexCheckout and does your plugins support it?

What is FlexCheckout?

FlexCheckout is ePDQ – Barclaycard’s feature, which basically allows you to process payments either through redirecting your customer to a FlexCheckout – checkout page or by encapsulating FlexCheckout within an iframe. Hence, customers remain on your page and build a complete One Page Checkout experience.

When the customer is redirected to FlexCheckout, he will need to fill in his card details and submit for tokenization onto FlexCheckout. In this way, the card details never pass through your own web server.

You can take a look at their ePDQ’s support guide to learn more about it here.

Does your current We are AG – ePDQ plugins support FlexCheckout?

The short answer is no. We currently do not support FlexCheckout.

Our current ePDQ plugins, as of the writing of this support guide, are the  Barclaycard ePDQ Direct Link for WooCommerce and the Barclays ePDQ payment gateway (Barclaycard) for WooCommerce.
You can check out the differences between the two from our guide here.

The good news is we have this in our development roadmap, and we’ll do our best to work on creating a plugin to support ePDQ FlexCheckout tentatively in early 2021 next year.

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