In 2016, Barclaycard processed over £97bn of online payments and 2017 is expected to be even higher. 24% of card spending at UK merchants was online in 2016, up from 21% in 2014.

Barclaycard is one of the most established & trusted merchant payment companies in the UK. The ePDQ Direct Link Payment Gateway provides a fast payment experience that takes place on your website.

If you require the off-site method (customers make payment on Barclays server) please check out our Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway as you are required to be PCI compliant using the direct method.

While the payment experience keeps the user on your own website, no card data is stored locally on your server. All sensitive card data is sent directly to Barclays which means an SSL certificate is absolutely essential. 3D secure authentication adds an additional layer of security, guaranteeing fewer chargebacks or fraudulent transactions.

The Barclaycard ePDQ Direct Link plugin also streamlines order management, with the ability to process refunds directly from your WooCommerce admin panel.

Enjoy the benefits of 3D Secure authentication & Multi-currency support with this plugin