How to write the perfect support ticket

Crafting the perfect support ticket that contains specific details about your issue would benefit you in the long run. Although it may take you a bit of time to compose your ticket, rest assured that our support team would make it worth the effort.
What does a perfect support ticket have? a perfect support ticket would contain the following:

1. Specific details

A support ticket that was made containing a vague message is not ideal, and it could lead to our support team asking for clarifications to better understand your issue.

An example of a vague message would be like:

I am having an issue on my site, please help!

What kind of issue is it? What effect does it have on your site? These would be what the support team member would think of first, and as expected, we would need more details to help you.

An example of a support ticket with specific details would be like:

When payments are made upon my site’s checkout page, I am seeing a site invalid error. Payments does not seem to be coming through successfully, what can we do to solve this issue?

The above message is better than the first example. It includes details on how to replicate the issue and what kind of error you are having. This is good, but we can take this a step further by using a format.

2. Proper Format

You can use the following format as a guideline for your support ticket.

A. Steps to replicate

Provide steps on how to replicate the issue helps our support team to replicate the issue clearly. These could be numbered steps that are short and easy to follow, like the ones you see from recipes.

For example:

1. Go to product page A. 2. Click Add to Cart. 3. Click View Cart. 4. Purchase the product. 5. See that there is an invalid error once you click the purchase button.

B. Expected outcome

Placing an expected outcome would help us determine the result we aim for when we are debugging.

Expected outcome: When purchasing a product, there should be no invalid error and the payment should go through without any issues.

C. Visual aids

As the saying goes, seeing is believing, and what better way to support both the steps on replicating the issue by providing screenshots and/or screen recording of the issue. You can use screen sharing services like Zight, or you could use the print screen button on your keyboard and attach it to the support ticket.

Kindly place the visual aids after the expected outcome section to follow the format.

D. Provide the WooCommerce System Report

Providing the WooCommerce system report would help the support team to have an overview of your website configuration.
You can follow the steps in our article here on how to do it.

E. Provide the Login credentials

While this is optional, we understand why you could not provide it due to security reasons, but most of the time, our support team would request this to look at the issue.
You can follow the steps in our article here to learn how to provide us your credentials securely.

3. Concise

Straight to the point without any excess paragraphs focusing on describing the issue would help the support team focus on resolving the issue in the soonest possible time. Bringing in multiple ideas and comments while you are in the middle of discussing causes confusion.

Benefits of creating the perfect support ticket

1. Reduces the number of back and forth between the support team and you, our customer.
2. Reduces the waiting time.
3. Our Support team will love you for it.

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