How can I securely provide my login credentials to support?

At times, our support team may request that you provide your login credentials to your site and your other accounts.
As a business owner, you may be skeptical or worried that your credentials would be shared publicly. Rest assured that we value your privacy, and we understand how careful you should be with this confidential information. Here are the steps on how you could provide us your login credentials securely.

First Method: Creating a temporary admin user for WordPress using the default method

Step 1

To create a new admin user, kindly navigate your WordPress admin dashboard > Users > Add New.

Step 2

Fill in the required fields like username, email and set the password. You can use for the email address.

Step 3

Make sure to set the role to ‘Administrator’ and click Add new user.

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How can you provide us your login credentials securely?

We recommend that you use this service – wherein you can place your login credentials of our WordPress website or any credentials that we may request and send us the generated link that we can access with a passphrase so that we can see its contents.

Deleting the admin user

Once the issue that you have reported is resolved and you no longer want the account to exist, you can delete the created account.

Step 1

To delete the admin user, kindly navigate from your WordPress admin dashboard > Users > All Users

Step 2

Search for the admin user via the search box.

Image 2020-02-06 at 6.31.08 PM

Step 3

Hover on the admin user and click the option to ‘Delete.’

Image 2020-02-06 at 6.32.23 PM

Step 4

Click ‘Confirm deletion’ so that it would permanently delete the account.

Second Method: Using a third-party plugin called “Temporary Login Without Password” by StoreApps

Another way to provide an access to our support team securely is to use a third-party plugin called Temporary Login Without Password by StoreApps. You can follow these 2 easy steps to do so:

Step 1

After installing and activating the plugin, this plugin provides a very user-friendly interface in WordPress dashboard >> Users >> Temporary Logins:

From there, you can click on the “Create New” button and proceed in creating a user by filling up the required fields and setting the role of it. We require an administrator role so we could proceed with our debugging procedures, this would provide us an access to the necessary elements that we need to check within your site (Plugins/Themes/Status Logs). Here’s a glimpse of their user-interface:

Step 2

When you’re done creating a user, you can proceed in copying the login link by clicking on the link icon from the “Actions” column:

Like what’s mentioned in the first method ,in order to securely provide it to our support team , we recommend that you use this service – wherein you can place this login link or any credentials that we may request then send us the generated link that we can access with a passphrase so that we can see its contents.

After our debugging, as mentioned above we recommend everyone to delete the access that you have provided us for security. You can wait for the access to expire automatically or use the “Delete” action to do it immediately.

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