Why is AAVADDRESS missing from the ePDQ dashboard and how to resolve it?

If you have checked our setup guide, one of the steps involved is to add the Dynamic e-commerce parameters. (AAVADDRESS, ACCEPTANCE, COMPLUS, NCERROR, ORDERID,PAYID, STATUS).

It’s possible that AAVADDRESS isn’t included in the options as seen below:

The main reason it’s missing is that the Fraud detection module was not enabled on the ePDQ account, so 3D secure would not also work. To resolve this, you’ll have to make sure that the Fraud detection module is activated.

You can activate the Fraud detection module from your ePDQ account dashboard > Configuration > Account > Your options.

Once that’s activated, the AAVADDRESS should now be available:

If you are having trouble activating the Fraud detection module, we recommend reaching out to the ePDQ support team here:

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