What is unknown order/1/r and how do you resolve it?

Error codes such as unknown order/1/r could sometimes occur within your website while doing some test within it after you have connected your ePDQ account and the plugin.

To explain further, this error means that the referrer we detected is not a URL the merchant has entered in the URL field in the “Data and origin verification” tab, “Checks for e-Commerce” section of his Technical Information page. The merchant is sending us the form with the hidden fields containing the order information from a different page from the one(s) entered in the URL field in the “Data and origin verification” tab, “Checks for e-Commerce” section.

What do you need to double-check when you experience this issue?
Make sure that your SHA-IN and SHA-OUT passphrases from your ePDQ BackOffice account consist of only letters and numbers and that it has a maximum of 16 characters.

SHA-IN : Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification > SHA-IN pass phrase

SHA-OUT : Configuration > Technical information > Transaction feedback > SHA-OUT pass phrase

Also, ensure that these passphrases are the same as the ones added on your epDQ plugin settings.

If the issue persists even after checking or changing the mentioned data above, try checking our alternative guide regarding this from here – Keep getting unknown order/1/r?. If that still does not help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, and we’ll be glad to assist you with this. –

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