Keep getting unknown order/1/r?

So you have noticed you keep seeing unknown order/1/r errors in the ePDQ error log; you have followed our setup guide and have been using our plugin for some time.

In September 2020, Barclays changed how the ePDQ payment system works with the URL you enter in the back office. This change was forced on them from the recent Chrome update v.85.

If left unchanged, you’ll receive an error similar to the one below while placing an order (please note this is only for customers who are using the latest Chrome version, this is why you might see some orders going through fine).

Why has this changed?

Google released a new version of Google Chrome (v.85) as of 25/08/2020.

With this, Chrome’s new policy called ‘strict-origin-when-cross-origin’ was introduced to offer more privacy to the end-user.
With this new policy, there were changes to the way referrers are handled on Chrome.

Consequently, only the main domain name (e.g., is sent in the ‘Referrer header’ of cross-origin requests. This prevents data privacy leaks that may be accessible from other parts of the full URL, such as the path and query string.

How to fix it?

From your ePDQ Backoffice > Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification, you may have followed our setup guide asking you to fill up the field URL

with:, where you’ll replace the with your website URL.

With the recent changes, you only have to place your website URL on the said field.

Once you have done this, you should no longer get this error.

If you still face issues, then send a support ticket, and we will have a look for you.

Please be ready to send screenshots of the plugin & ePDQ settings and the debug log.

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