How to enable the Status Check API Option

During the update, we added a new option that users can use to enable the status check API. To enable this option, navigate through your WordPress dashboard >> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payments and click on the Manage button for ePDQ Direct Link Checkout. Scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the option “Enable Status Check API”.

From there, if you enable this option, you will need to input the status check API user ID and password. In these fields, we recommend using a separate API user. Hence, you will need to create a new API user to enable the AG status check API. This is so this runs independently from the payment API user, if the status check API user account has an issue it wont break the payment API user details.

You can review our guide on how you can create another API user for your site from our setup guide’s step 3.

Please feel free to send a support ticket if you need further assistance regarding this, and we will have a look for you. Please be ready to send screenshots of the plugin & ePDQ settings and the debug log.

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