Setup for Latin American stores

If you’re using First Data in a store that only accepts Latin American currencies, it will need to be set in a location or country within Latin America in order to process the orders successfully.

Having the store set in a Latin American country will trigger some code in our plugin and allow it to work for the Latin American market (otherwise it will default to the EU market). There are a few things different in the EU with regards to 3D secure payments which affects how the plugin work between the two locations.

In order to change the store’s location, proceed to WooCommerce >> Settings >> General tab, within this tab, change the Country/State to a Latin American Country.

Make sure to save the your WooCommerce settings afterward, and proceed in the full setup of the plugin here.

If you still encounter issues while testing, please feel free to connect with our support team and one of our friendly support staff will be glad to assist you with it.

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