How to disable We are AG custom columns

From your order dashboard, you’ll be able to see all the orders that have been processed on your site. Depending on the character length of your customer’s information, you may notice that your order column width is restricting the order details thus causing the order text to be displayed in two lines.

One of the reasons why this happens is because we use custom columns when our plugin is activated. If you’d like to disable our custom columns so that your order would be displayed in one line, you’ll have to ensure that you have updated our We are AG plugin to the latest version as we include a function in the plugin that will disable our custom columns from showing. For the code to run, you’ll have to use the code below:

define(‘AG_disable_column’, TRUE);

You’ll have to add this code to your theme’s function.php file (if you are familiar with adding codes to your theme):

or the recommended way is to use a third-party plugin like the Dessky Snippets plugin in order to easily insert the script.

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