ePDQ NCERROR: – Data validation error

Data validation errors are often related to the API’s credentials, this often occurs when testing cards. One of the reason for this issue is if you add an incorrect password for the API user connected.

How do you fix this error?

Always double-check if the username and password for the API-user are correct.

Please always take note that t’s important that for the API user passwords to only use numbers and letters and avoid using special characters used by the ePDQ system like £ since the ePDQ system will not allow this. The ePDQ system will not accept special characters that are used in code (e.g. £) to prevent someone from injecting bad code and compromising accounts. Alternatively, you could use a symbol like the exclamation mark !. An example password would be something like November5!. We recommend using another and more secure password as this is just an example that you could follow.

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