Scheduled Status Check Setup

This guide provides detailed instructions on configuring and utilising the “Scheduled Status Check” feature within our plugin. This feature serves as a reliable fallback for monitoring and updating order statuses when there are disruptions in receiving data from ePDQ webhooks due to server issues.


  • REST API Configuration: Ensure that the REST API is properly set up, as this feature heavily relies on it. For guidance on setting up the REST API, refer to our dedicated REST API setup documentation.

Setting Up Scheduled Status Check

Enabling the Feature

  1. Navigate to the Plugin Settings Page: Access the plugin settings from your dashboard.
  2. Status Check Settings: Locate the ‘Status Check’ Settings section.
  3. Activate Scheduled Status Check: Check the box to activate the feature.Description: This feature continuously monitors the status of unpaid orders until a response is received from ePDQ, ensuring that orders are updated only when a status of cancelled, failed, or paid is confirmed.

Configuring Order Status Monitoring

  1. Select Order Statuses: Determine which order statuses should trigger the scheduled status checks.Description: This setting allows you to tailor the monitoring process to specific order conditions, improving the efficiency and relevance of the status checks.

Configuring Check Frequency

  1. Set Check Interval: Choose how frequently the system should check the status of unpaid orders.Options: Select an interval from the dropdown, such as twice a day, Every three hours, etc.

Monitoring the Action Scheduler

Access Scheduler Status

To view and manage the status of scheduled actions:

  1. Access the Link: Click on the provided link to navigate to the Action Scheduler status page.Description: This page allows you to monitor and manage scheduled tasks to ensure they are executed as planned.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Checklist for Common Errors

  • Ensure the REST API is correctly set up and accessible.
  • Verify that the correct order statuses are selected for monitoring.
  • Check that the interval settings are appropriate for your operational needs.
  • Review Debug Logs: If you encounter problems, review the debug logs in our plugin to diagnose issues. This can provide insights into what may be going wrong and help in resolving the issues more quickly.

Contact Support

If you require further assistance or encounter issues that are not resolved by the above steps, please contact our support team here.


Backup Assurance

The “Scheduled Status Check” feature is strategically implemented as a dependable safeguard against communication errors between ePDQ and your server. This ensures that even if the initial webhook encounters issues, your order statuses are actively monitored and updated based on real-time data from the payment provider. By adhering to this guide for the proper setup and utilisation of the feature, you can uphold a robust order management system, ensuring continuity and reliability in processing transactions.

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