How does our ePDQ plugin work with WooCommerce payment links?

You may have come across an instance where you would like to send payment links to your customers to purchase your products instead of the normal WooCommerce add to cart and checkout system. You’re in luck! because it should be easy to do by following this helpful article –


For this to work with WooCommerce, your customer must have an account registered on your website. The WooCommerce payment links need a customer session to work. This means an account is needed. Our Barclays ePDQ payment gateway (Barclaycard) for WooCommerce (off-site method) plugin has a fallback notice if the customer is not signed in, it will tell them to sign in to ensure that everything would work as expected.


The WooCommerce payment links will only work for our Our Barclays ePDQ payment gateway (Barclaycard) for WooCommerce (off-site method) and not on our Barclaycard ePDQ Direct Link for WooCommerce (direct method).

Why won’t payment links work for guest checkouts?

Guest checkout is allowed but through the “normal” process(e.g., the customer adds to cart, the customer enters in name, email & address, and checks out). That is how the guest checkout works.
Because you are entering the customer’s details (name, email, and address), WooCommerce needs to make sure this the right customer, so they must sign in before paying.

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