ePDQ – what if I don’t have a test account?

It is a requirement that you process test transactions on our test ePDQ account before you going live. What if you don’t have one? Here’s the main reason why:

Your account was created during the previous iteration of ePDQ

It is possible that your PSPID was created on an older iteration of ePDQ. You would know if your PSPID does not have 7 digits, the PSPID relates to one of ePDQ’s ‘migration’ accounts, and therefore uses a subscription that hasn’t been available since around 2012

The subscription associated was only provided with a live account, so test access was not endorsed or provided to you at the time. Fundamentally, the account that you have can only complete hosted payment page implementations.

Since a test account is required, you will have to either:
– Create a trial account, utilizing only the functionality that is available on your live store with a test subscription that actually has access to far more than this, or
– Request that a new merchant number is raised to allow you to have access to the existing all-in subscription of ePDQ.
For reference, your ePDQ trial account can be created here.
If you are still having trouble with this, please do reach out to the ePDQ support team here and they’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

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