What is Invalid TXN and How to Resolve it?

After following the steps on how to integrate MOTO payments , you might have tested it out  however the payment does not go through successfully. The transaction displays the error as “DECLINED” where the code error is “N:12″Invalid TXN”.

TXN is short for transaction, and this is the common error code when the issuing bank does not accept a transaction. For this example, I used MasterCard for testing:

If you check the order notes it displays more information about the declined order, like so:

While testing, this happens often when you are not using the correct test card number for the payment gateway, please ensure that you are using the test cards for the specific payment gateway you are testing. For AIBMS Authipay, be sure to refer to this article – Testing and test cards

Let our support team knows if ever you need further assistance after testing this recommendation and we’ll be glad to help.

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