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Before taking your AIBMS Authipay integration live, it’s crucial to ensure everything works perfectly in a controlled setting. This guide outlines how to set up and test the Authipay extension in your WooCommerce store using a development environment. Let’s dive in:

Setting Up for Testing

  1. Development Environment: Implement the Authipay plugin within a development environment. This is your testing sandbox where you can ensure everything works as expected without affecting your live site.
  2. Test Account Configuration: Configure your WooCommerce store to utilise the test account details provided by the Authipay team. This is crucial for creating a realistic testing scenario without actual financial transactions.
  3. Enable Test Mode: Access the Authipay back-office in test mode by visiting Here, you should enable the test mode within the extension’s settings page to ensure all transactions simulate the live environment without processing real payments.

Conducting Transactions with Test Cards

To verify the functionality of your Authipay integration, use the following test card details. These cards simulate transactions that allow you to test various scenarios, including successful payments and declines.

Successful Transactions

  • Visa:
    • Card No.: 4147 4630 1111 0083
    • Expiry Date: Any future date
    • Card Security Code: Any three-digit value
  • MasterCard:
    • Card No.: 5239 2907 0000 0028
    • Expiry Date: Any future date
    • Card Security Code: Any three-digit value

Transactions Expected to Decline

  • Visa:
    • Card No.: 4147 4630 1111 0042
    • Expiry Date: Any future date
    • Card Security Code: Any three-digit value

Additional Test Cards

For broader testing scenarios, you can use any of the following test card numbers. All cards use any future date for the expiry date and any three-digit number for the CVV.

  • 4012 0000 0001 2011 004
  • 5204 7400 0000 2711
  • 4265 8800 0000 0015
  • 5426 0640 0042 5117
  • 4265 8800 0000 0031
  • 5204 7400 0000 2778
  • 5204 2477 5000 1471
  • 4012 0010 3716 7778
  • 5204 7400 0000 2786

To explore more about different test card numbers and simulate various transaction outcomes, you can learn more here. This resource provides a comprehensive list of test cards that cover a wide range of testing scenarios beyond those listed above.

Whether you’re looking to test successful transactions, declines, specific error conditions, or other payment scenarios, these additional resources will equip you with the necessary tools to ensure thorough testing of your Authipay integration in a development environment.

Simulating Various Cases

The test cards provided enable you to simulate different transaction outcomes. Whether you need to test successful payments, declines, or specific error messages, these cards cover a wide range of scenarios.

If the test cards provided here do not work as expected, or if you require more specific scenarios, do not hesitate to contact the Authipay team at They can provide updated test card details or offer further assistance to ensure your testing process is as effective and comprehensive as possible.


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