WooCommerce Checkout Blocks and Payment Gateways

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We are super proud to be one of the first WooCommerce payment gateway providers to support WooCommerce checkout blocks!

WooCommerce Checkout Blocks are coming to WooCommerce. If you have been around WordPress for some time you will have heard of Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor). As a WooCommerce plugin developer, it’s important that we keep an eye on things that are coming to Woo and help our customers get the best from the platform. 

Late last Friday (19th March 2021) I was reading over a blog post from the Woo team about integrating payment gateways into their new checkout blocks. I spent the weekend researching and having a look at the codebase for this. Monday morning I started work on an update for our ePDQ plugin to include the new block code. This was done, and the team here tested it before we pushed it out to our users before the end of the working day.

That was not bad for a Monday! A new feature built, tested and rolled out. This was a quiet launch up until now. Why? I wanted to work on getting some more of our plugins to support the WooCommerce checkout blocks. Today, Thursday (25th March 2021), I am happy to report we have more plugins supporting this.

Right now these plugins support the new WooCommerce checkout blocks:

Barclays ePDQ payment gateway (Barclaycard) for WooCommerce

Tyl by NatWest for WooCommerce

First Data Connect for WooCommerce

Lloyds Cardnet Connect for WooCommerce

I plan to continue working on the other plugins and will add them to the list above as they are released in the coming days, so keep an eye out for these updates!

I am super proud of the team here, being able to act on something like this very fast is a huge win for us and for those of you who use the plugins. Not only can we achieve being one of the first, we can offer our customers bleeding edge features before any other provider. While WooCommerce blocks are not fully known to the majority of WooCommerce shop owners I see this as the future. The improvements in how the checkout page looks and functions are huge for Ecommerce (with big congrats to the Woo dev team).

We are super excited to see our customers starting to use WooCommerce checkout blocks, and can’t wait to get your feedback on this release from us. As always, if you have any questions or want to know more, the team is here for you.

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