ePDQ Direct Link 3.1.0 – Manual and automatic order status check

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We have just rolled out our ePDQ Direct Link 3.1.0 update and it’s a big one! I’m super excited to show you what the new features are!

New Features

While this release is a “minor” update, there are two big new features I want to talk about. As always, we recommend that you take a full backup of your website before updating (it’s important to have a backup plan in place).

Automatic order status check

This is a big one. Our ePDQ Direct Link plugin has been around since 2017 and while it’s been a popular seller, we have noticed that some users have faced issues with the ePDQ HTTP server-to-server request feature. Sadly some hosting providers are unable to get this feature to work, and while we have over the last few updates added in extra debugging we decided to take action on this once and for all.

“What was the issue with this feature?”, I hear some of you ask.

Well, some users have reported that transactions within WooCommerce after a short period of time end up canceling. WooCommerce has a hold stock feature that, holds the stock for an order (normally about 60 minutes) before it automatically cancels the order.

HTTP server-to-server is meant to address this by posting the data back to the website and allowing WooCommerce to update the status of the order. Sadly this is not working for all users.

In the latest version (3.1.0) we now have a function that when an order is automatically canceled due to the time limit reached, the plugin will “ping” the ePDQ system to get an update on the order. Much like a normal transaction when we get the data back we update the order in WooCommerce. This will address this issue. No more canceled orders with no ePDQ data!

Read more about it here.

Manual order status check

Much like the automatic order status check feature, we wanted to give you more control. Let’s say you have an order that has come back as failed in WooCommerce, it can be quite a bit of drama to manually login to your ePDQ account to check the order status there. No more!

You can now manually within the order page check the status of an order!

This one I am quite pleased about, this will give you the shop owner peace of mind that you can quickly check the status of an order at any time.

Other changes

You can find a full list of the updates in the changelog.

We are super excited to see this update go out to you all, and cant wait to get your feedback on this release. As always, if you have any questions or want to know more, the team is here for you.

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