Creating Test Account for WORLDLINE

A test account is vital for every payment gateway that you would like to have within your site. This will be the account that you will need to use to test all the possible scenarios within the payment gateway’s process.

Creating a test account for WORLDLINE is fairly easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you register and set up your test account.


Update: As of June 6, 2023, merchants/you can now proceed in directly signing up for a WorldLine test account here.

Once you have your test account, the next set of items is done in the WorldLine back office; you can log in to the test account here. Once logged in, you need to navigate to the technical settings area. It is important to note that whatever changes to make in the test account, you must match in the live account.

  1. The first step, go to the test creation portal.
    test creation portalFrom here, be sure to fill in all the mandatory fields then click on “REGISTER” after doing so. For the appropriate product field, choose Ingenico e-Commerce.You will be redirected to a confirmation page once done where the summary of your data will be shown.

    confirmation page

  2. After the registration, you will receive two e-mails containing the following:• A one-time password for your first login (Subject of the e-mail: “Your password for your test account TEST”)• The unique name of your account (the so-called “PSPID”) you defined on the test creation portal in field “Choose your login name (PSPID)”. The subject of the e-mail would be: “Confirmation of your registration as a test merchant with PSPID XXXX TEST”
If you have not received any of these e-mails, kindly check your spam folder and see if the e-mails might have been filtered.

Set up a test account

After receiving and confirming the e-mail address, you will need to set up the account with just a few steps.

    1. Log in to the back office at this link. If this is the first login, you will have to change your password. You can check out WORLDLINE’s dedicated guide to know how – How to reset your password
    2. Define an API key and API secret by going to Configuration > Technical information > Ingenico Direct settings > Direct API Key.If you have not configured anything yet, the screen shows “No api credential found”. To create both API Key and API Secret click on “GENERATE”
      After generating these keys, the screen will now show both codes in the table’s Key and Secret columns.

      Make sure to save the API Secret in your system right away, as it will not be visible in the Back Office anymore once you access this menu anew. However, you can look up the API Key anytime.
    3. Configure webhooks as described here
    4. Activate at least one payment method of your choice via Configuration > Payment methods > Choose new payment methods and follow the instruction on the screen

  1. Go to Home and click on the “Activate your account link”. Click on “I ACCEPT THE GENERAL CONDITIONS”.

And we’re done! You can now start using the account!


  • If you are stuck or if you are having issues regarding your test account, you can contact Worldline’s support team from this link
  • On the Home screen, you might see a message stating that you still have to configure “Your technical settings”. You can safely ignore this

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