Getting your WooCommerce site ready for secure payments is a breeze with the Opayo/Elavon plugin. Here’s everything you need to get started and ensure a smooth setup process.

Pre-Setup Checklist

  • Opayo/Elavon Merchant Account: Ensure you have an active account with Opayo/Elavon. If not, reach out to them to set it up.
  • WooCommerce Backend Access: You’ll need this to install the plugin and adjust settings.
  • Opayo/Elavon Admin Interface Credentials: Keep these handy for the setup process.

Accessing Opayo/Elavon Environments

Step 1 – Plugin settings.

After installing and activating the plugin, head to:

WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG Opayo (Formerly SagePay) Server

Here, you’ll need your Vendor Name and Encryption Password from MySagepay/MyOpayo, accessible under Settings > Admin in the Opayo admin panel.

Encryption Password
Opayo admin panel. Once you have logged into your account as the main admin user, you will select Settings followed by Admin on the left of the screen. You will then see your encryption key.

Step 2 – Setting the transaction type for the payment gateway

Our plugin supports Authenticate (reserve funds for future payment) and Payment (immediate fund transfer) transactions. Choose based on your business model, but Payment is generally preferred for most online transactions.

Authenticate: The authorization and data capture (payment request) steps are performed separately at different times. This means that the money remains in the customer’s account until a data capture is performed. Authenticate is useful when you need to reserve funds for a future payment, such as for a hotel reservation or rental car booking.

Payment: Our plugin automatically requests payment (i.e., transfers the amount) immediately after a successful authorization. This type of transaction is often used for goods and services that are delivered online, such as digital products or subscriptions.

If you’re not certain about which option to pick, it’s recommended to check with your client about their preference. Typically, the Payment method is commonly used by most users, but ultimately the choice depends on the specific needs and operations of the business.

Step 3 – Accessing MyOpayo / MySagepay to whitelist IPs

To proceed with the next step, you’ll need to log in to the Opayo back office.

Ensure your server IP is whitelisted in the Opayo back office for seamless communication. Use tools like Site24x7 to find your server IP, then add it along with a subnet mask of

Step 4 – Setting the design / template for your payment page.

The Opayo server integration comes with a number of design choices for how your payment page will look.

To change your option, you must head over to the settings tab in your Opayo back office, and in the Account settings section click the edit button. You will then be shown the following:

Our demo website is set to the Responsive template, with this option selected, you can then use the page customiser to change the colours of the template to match your branding.

For those seeking a unique payment page design:

  • Custom Template: Select the Custom option in your Opayo settings to apply a bespoke design. You’ll need to download the custom template files and work with your own developer to tailor these templates to your branding. It’s important to note that while we provide support for many aspects of the plugin, we cannot assist with the customisation of custom templates. If you need help with this customisation, it’s best to consult directly with your developer or reach out to Opayo support at

Step 5 – Test, test & test.

Before going live, test your setup extensively to catch and fix any potential issues. Keep an eye on the error log for troubleshooting.

What if there is an error?

If you run into any problems, our support team is ready to assist. Refer to our troubleshooting guide or contact us directly for help. We’re committed to making your payment gateway integration as smooth and efficient as possible.

Remember, a successful setup leads to a seamless payment experience for your customers. Take your time with each step, and don’t hesitate to reach out for support when needed. Happy selling!

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