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In the latest version of the Open Payment Platform (OPP) COPYandPAY for WooCommerce plugin, the team added some improvements to the user interface where your site can utilize a modal that the customers can use to complete their payment.

As of now. Here’s how the checkout page displays the payment form without the modal(Using the Card Style):

Then if you would like to use the modal, proceed to your WordPress dashboard >> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payment, from here, click on the manage button for AG OPP COPYandPAY for WooCommerce and enable the option labeled as “Show payment form in modal (popup)”.

You will also be able to choose from the Payment form style. You can select either Card or Plain:

Selecting the Plain style will look like so:

While the Card style has some vivid looks into it, like so:

Feel free to contact our support team if you have other questions regarding this feature and we’ll be glad to help you with it.

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