The team decided not to add a setup wizard due to the simplicity of how you can proceed in setting this plugin up. These are the two important credentials you need from OPP, which should be different for the test and live site:

• Entity ID
• Access Token

It is always best practice when setting up a payment gateway to do this in test mode first and run several orders before switching to live mode.

Step 1 – Plugin settings.

Install the plugin & activate the license key; once this is done, you want to navigate to the plugin settings page; this can be found in the WooCommerce settings:

WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG OPP COPYandPAY Checkout Settings

The key items here for the setup are in the red box.

These settings will need to be matched with what you will be provided by the OPP team.

Step 2 – Test, Test & test.

Well done, you have now finished the setup of the plugin! Now the important thing to do is test the payment gateway a few times before going live.

To detect any errors for the tests you first want to enable the plugin’s debug log in the settings.


Run some test transactions, and if the plugin finds something wrong with the plugin setup, it will log this and tell you how to fix this; you can find the log by going here:

WooCommerce > Status > Logs


Here we can see the log saying that the transaction is confirmed, no issues were found.

If you still face issues, then send a support ticket, and we will have a look for you. Please be ready to send screenshots of the plugin & OPP CopyandPay for WooCommerce settings and the debug log.

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