How the Traffic Light System Works with the Subscriptions

The Traffic Light System has been integrated within the subscription support by the team. This is a user-friendly interface that lets merchants check the order’s status with more details within it. This means that with every subscription, the Traffic Light System will also be triggered.

When a renewal occurs, the traffic light system captures, and checks only the address, Postcode, and CVC. Renewal payments do not go through 3DS presently, this message will be shown for the 3D Secure check:

“3D: Transaction was a subscription renewal payment, these types of transactions are not processed through 3D Secure.”

This system will be helpful for when an order/subscription’s renewal encounters an issue, or when it fails. Oftentimes, these fails are due to response codes 65 or 1A – these are soft decline, which means that the customer’s bank is requesting for a new payment process using 3DS. When this error codes occur, the customer will receive an email with a payment link that will allow them to proceed the payment again through 3D Secure.

Let our support team know if you will need further assistance regarding these, or if you encounter a different issue with this feature. Contact We are AG Support team.

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