What do we use as the Failure page (“sorry”) and what does it do?

If you have followed our setup guide here, you are directed to place a fallback URL – on the Failure Page (“Sorry”) field.

When is this URL used?

When a transaction has been declined. For example, customers who have not got 3D secure on their cards have tried to process a transaction.  These transactions will be declined if 3D secure isn’t completed successfully; therefore, Lloyds will use the responseFailURL, the URL you have used on the Failure Page(“Sorry”) field.

Basically, our Lloyds payment plugin sends decline and success URLs to the Lloyds payment page.
If the transaction succeeds, it will send the user to, but if it fails, it will use given that you have followed our setup guide mentioned above.

Why should we use this fallback?

Let’s say a customer tried to process the order; they would have been shown an error for a non-3D secure transaction. If this customer closed the browser after seeing this notice on the Lloyds system, no data would be sent back to the website. If the customer waited for the auto-redirect back to the website, this “error” would have been logged in to the website. This fallback will send the order data should the customer close the browser or not go back to your website.

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