Failed transaction test card numbers and how to test for a failed transaction

You may find the need to test for do further testing for your site to ensure that all the bases are covered.
In the event that you’d want to simulate a failed transaction, you can check out all the possible Ingenico card numbers here –

For example, if you want to simulate failed Visa transactions, you’ll have to check the shared link above look for Visa > then check the Negatives section:

Another way of getting the available testing cards that you can use for your Ingenico account can be fetched from your Ingenico BackOffice account > Configuration > Technical Information > Test info > Look at the test card numbers available for you to use:


Visa 3-D Secure
Master Card
MasterCard SecureCode
American Express
Diners Club
Bancontact/Mister Cash

To do a failed order you would need the add products to your WooCommerce cart and the total has to be over 9000 euros with the card numbers below being used.


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