Recommended hosting providers

Hosting providers are companies that would help your site be accessible “online.” Online here means that your website can be accessed by other people all around the world. Basically, your website is made up of “files,” and these companies have what we called “servers” (think of it as powerful versions of your computer with high processing power) where your files “live” so that they are available to be accessed anywhere and at any time.

Now that you know the importance of hosting providers, it is now time to think about which hosting provider to choose. Admittedly there’s a plethora of hosting companies out there that will encourage you to choose their service. Here at We are AG, we have a few recommendations that we’d like you to consider.


34SP is a UK-based hosting company that hosts sites mostly from UK businesses. Their hosting plans are affordable, and we can vouch that we haven’t experienced any problems using their service as our own website is also hosted on 34SP. We are more than happy and satisfied in using their service for our business needs.

To learn more about 34SP, please see-
To learn more about their hosting plans, please see –

WP Engine

If you have a WordPress website, why not try WP Engine? WP Engine is one of the most popular hosting providers out there. Their service focuses on hosting WordPress websites, and you can count on them that they know WordPress from inside and out.

To learn more about WPEngine, please see –
To learn more about the hosting plans that they offer, please see –


Siteground is also a great hosting provider that you can choose from. Real-time server health checks, a 24/7 system administration team, and speed-boosting solutions, you can rely on Sitegroud for your hosting needs.

To learn more about Siteground, please see –
To learn more about the hosting plans that they offer, please see –

Which hosting plan should I choose?

If you are expecting many people to visit your site, investing in a good hosting plan is a great investment for your business. Imagine people visiting your site to purchase the product that you are selling. Because your hosting plan can’t allocate enough resources, they may either experience long loading times or, even worse having your site inaccessible. We would recommend contacting the listed hosting providers above, and we are sure that they are more than happy to advise you on the best and/or recommended plan to suit your requirements.

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