General Debugging guide

Welcome to our General Debugging guide

We have created this guide as a checklist for you to debug the issue that you are having with our plugin on your site.

Step 1 – Check and see if everything is updated on your WordPress website.

An outdated theme or plugin may be the cause of the issue that you are having. It’s the first port of call whenever something goes wrong, and we highly recommend that you have got all your plugins and themes updated to their latest version. This also includes your WordPress Core version.

Note: Before making updates on your site, please make sure to back up your site first as a preventive measure. Your hosting provider should be able to assist you in backing up your site.

Step 2 – Check your PHP version.

While WordPress has a minimum requirement of PHP 5.6, WooCommerce asks for PHP 7.2. or greater. See:
Kindly reach out to your hosting provider to back up your site and have them update your site’s PHP version to 7.2 or above.

Step 3 – Make sure to check our setup guide for the plugin that you purchased.

Most of the time, customers would contact us and ask why the plugin does not work as expected. It turns out that there are steps that have been skipped, and some instructions were not followed properly. We highly recommend that you follow the setup guide of the plugin that you are using. You can find our setup guide here.

Step 4 – Check the Troubleshooting guide exclusively for the plugin you purchased.

We make sure to update our documentation on whether we see recurring tickets that most users had trouble with. You can check our troubleshooting guides here.

Step 5 – Make sure to process transactions in test mode before going live.

You must process test transactions on each payment gateway first before setting up your live account. Most payment gateway requires this to see that your configuration works before allowing you to process live transactions.

Step 6 – Contact your payment gateway.

You can reach out to your payment gateway’s support team as they can either provide solutions to the issue or provide useful information that our support team members can use to debug your issue. You can either contact them through email or via their support system if they have one.

Step 7 – Test for plugin and theme conflicts

There’s a plethora of WordPress plugins and themes out in the market made by a different developers and built differently. It’s no surprise that there may be a conflict between these products from time to time. If you have encountered an issue with our products, the next thing to do is to disable all non-related plugins on your site and change your theme to the default WordPress theme – Storefront (free plugin) and see who the culprit is.

What if I found out the cause of the issue?

Kindly contact the plugin or theme developer of the product that caused the issue. They should be able to provide assistance to you and sort out the incompatibility within their support scope.


What if the above steps did not work for me?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Please contact our support and one of our friendly support team members will sort out these issues for you. Kindly provide us with the steps that you have gone through, with added screenshots and, if possible, a copy of your WooCommerce status report.

See – How to provide your WooCommerce Status report for support.

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