Privacy and Security policy when providing credentials for the We are AG support team

As you get in touch with our friendly support team members, we may need to request access to either your site or your back office account to take a closer look at the issue you are having.

How do you provide confidential information (e.g., site access) securely?

We understand that you’d like your information to be secured. We recommend our customers to securely provide any confidential information by using a service like, which basically allows you to set a password for the information you’ll be sending so that we are the ones that can access them.

What’s good about this service is that you can specify an expiration or a lifetime for the message giving you additional options to secure your information.

What does the We are AG support team do with your credentials?

We respect your privacy and rest assured that we never store the credentials and never share any valuable information with other parties. You have trusted our support team with this information, and we do not want this trust to be lost.

How do I provide you temporary login credentials on my WordPress website?

We would recommend not providing the admin login credentials you are using, and kindly create a separate user with administrative rights and remove the temporarily created user once our tests are done. You can check out our article on the steps on how you can create and delete a user account from your WordPress website.

Would I provide you access to my live site or staging site?

This depends on the context of your issue. Still, we would highly recommend providing a staging site so that our debugging would not affect the current ongoing operations on your live site. We understand that it’s possible that a staging environment can’t be created.

If you have permitted us to investigate your site, we would recommend installing a maintenance plugin. This would depend on what kind of issue you are having, but ideally, you do not want your customers to see your site while you are working on an issue. You can use a third-party maintenance plugin like this Maintenance by WP Maintenance (downloadable for free) or any plugin with the same feature.

What does our support team do once we have access to your site or your back-office account?

  • Our support team will first check your site or back-office settings to see if anything is causing the issue. Any changes that need to be done on either your site or your back office account will be requested first.
  • We would recommend having everything backed up first that includes both your files and your database. You could ask your hosting provider to do the backup for you, or you could use a third-party backup plugin like Updraft Plus.
  • One of our debugging steps is to check whether plugins or theme is the one causing the issue, and we can do this by temporarily deactivating them. If we were to do this, we would prefer to do it from a staging site. Even if it is a staging site, our first course of action is to install a backup plugin called the Updraft plus and create a backup first.
    After debugging, we make sure to restore the previous backup so that your site would be as you left it.

The debugging steps that we will be doing can be seen from our debugging guide here.


Please keep in mind that the only reason our support team would access your site is to investigate, debug, and troubleshoot the issue. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team here.

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