Process refunds for ePDQ

For businesses, it’s important to have the ability to process refunds if a customer requests them.
There are two ways in which you can process refunds on ePDQ.

#1 Process refunds via the ePDQ back office

You can process refunds on your ePDQ back-office account. To do this, simply login to either your test or production ePDQ account and kindly follow the official ePDQ back office guide of refunding a payment to learn more.

If you have any questions about processing refunds, we would highly recommend contacting the ePDQ support team and they’ll be more than happy to respond to your concern.

#2 Process refunds via WooCommerce

Step 1 – Creating the API user.

You will need to create the API user, which the plugin will use to make API payment calls to the ePDQ system. You will need to go to Configuration > Users.

Here we want to add a new user; clicking the new user button shows us the following:

The most important element here is the tick box in the red box. This will make this new user work with the API.

Enter in your desired UserID, User’s name, and email address.

You will need to enter your password, the one you signed in with. Once you do that, you will set this new API user password on another screen.

It’s important that for the API user passwords, please do use numbers and letters and no special characters used by the ePDQ system like £ since the ePDQ system will not allow this. The ePDQ system will not accept special characters that are used in code (e.g. £) to prevent someone from injecting bad code and compromising accounts. Alternatively, you could use a symbol like the exclamation mark !. An example password would be something like November5!. We recommend using another and more secure password as this is just an example that you could follow.

Step 2 – Enabling refunds from the ePDQ account

Navigate from your ePDQ account > Configuration > Account > Your options and ensure that the Refund option is activated.

You can activate the refund option by clicking the “Activate” button if it still deactivated.

Step 3 – Adding the SHA-IN passphrase

Navigate from your ePDQ account > Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification and then ensure that you have placed both the SHA-IN passphrase key on the Checks for e-Commerce & Alias Gateway and the Checks for Barclaycard Direct Link section SHA-IN fields.

You’ll only be adding an SHA-IN passphrase on the Checks for Barclaycard Direct link section for processing refunds only as we are using the Direct link API to process refunds.

Ensure that the SHA-IN passphrase only contains  letters and numbers only and that it has a maximum of 16 characters.

The SHA-IN passphrase must also be the same as the SHA-IN that you have placed from your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG ePDQ Checkout > Manage > SHA-IN Passphrase.

Step 4 – Plugin settings

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG ePDQ Checkout  > Manager and then tick the checkbox

“Enable refunds and status check via website”.

WooCommerce settings ‹ we are ag — WordPress - Google Chrome 2021-08-31 at 6.36.33 PM

three (3) fields would then and appear where you can place the credentials of the API user that you’ve created above.

Make sure to click the save changes button for the settings to be applied.

Step 5 – Processing the refund

Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders and then select the order that you wish to refund.

Click the ‘Refund’ button, and then additional fields would display.

Set the quantity and then click Refund via AG ePDQ Checkout, and a few seconds or so, the order should have been refunded successfully.

If you are dealing with multiple products, you’ll have to set the quantity of the product you’d want to refund. It should automatically set the Total available to refund amount.

Which operation mode you choose affects how the refund is processed. Before everything else, our refund feature can process refunds from the WooCommerce order screen right away if you have set your ePDQ plugin’s operation mode to Sale.

Adding refund support for Multi-Currency account

You will need to use this snippet in order to process refunds while using a separate account for the multi-currency purpose:

define( ‘ePDQ_REFID’, ‘MCaccountPSPID’ );

You will need to replace 'MCaccountPSPID' with the multi-currency account’s PSPID.

You can add this to your theme’s function.php file, like so:

What if there is an error?

That’s a bit unfortunate, but all problems in this world can eventually be fixed. Please do take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide, and hopefully, this would resolve the issue for you, or better yet, you could also contact our support, and one of our friendly support team members will sort out these issues for you.

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