How to setup ePDQ status check?

If you have updated the latest version of your “AG Barclaycard ePDQ Direct Link – WooCommerce Gateway” (ver3.1.0), you may have noticed this button that appears next beside the “Refund” button from a WooCommerce order.

To see this ePDQ Order Status Check button, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve added the API user on your ePDQ plugin settings.

Creating the first API user – API payment calls

You will need to create the two API users. The first one will be to make API payment calls to the ePDQ system.

You will need to go to Configuration > Users.

Here we want to add a new user; clicking the new user button shows us the following:

The most important element here is the tick box in the red box. This will make this new user work with the API.

Enter in your desired UserID, User’s name, and email address.

You will need to enter your password, the one you signed in with. Once you do that, you will set this new API user password on another screen.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG ePDQ Checkout  > Manager and place the credentials of the API user on the fields below:

Creating the second API user – ePDQ status check

Create another API user by following the same steps above on your backoffice account and this time it will be for the ePDQ status check API fields.

Once you’ve created the second API user, navigate through your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and click on the Manage button for ePDQ Direct Link Checkout. Scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the option “Enable Status Check API”.

From there, if you enable this option, you will need to input the status check API user ID and password (this is the second API user that you’ve created).We do not recommend using the same API user. Both API users must be different. This is so this runs independently from the payment API user, if the status check API user account has an issue it won’t break the payment API user details.

What does this AG ePDQ Order Status Check button do?

The newest update includes our newest ePDQ order status check feature, which resolves all our customers’ problems related to failed/pending/canceled payment orders when users close their browsers or move to another website during the payment process. Here’s a screenshot of how your order would look like:

After a certain amount of time that you’ve set from your WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory > Hold stock(minutes).

The pending payment order status would have an unpaid order / canceled status.

In other words, when the transaction cancels after this set time, our plugin will make a request to the ePDQ platform to check the status of the transaction.

By default, the ePDQ order status check feature is already enabled for you automatically, but you could do a manual order check if you wish to do so. Our plugin will make a request to the ePDQ platform to check the status of the transaction. If the order has been paid for, it will change the status back to processing, and you will get order notes as seen below:

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