How to fix common issue “your transaction may not be completed successfully”

After processing a test transaction, you may have encountered the error message marked in red “Your transaction may not be completed successfully” followed by bullet points of several causes:

This is a common error when setting up the plugin for the first time, normally it is because of the shared secret key.
What we recommend is that you double-check and re-enter the shared secret key on the plugin’s main settings page.

WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > AG Authipay > Manage > Shared secret > Reenter the shared secret key and save your changes.

If that doesn’t fix it, we’d recommend getting in touch with the Authipay team. You could contact the Authipay team here-, the error tells us of multiple causes, and the Lloyds team would be able to point you specifically to what it is, and if they can resolve it, feel free to CC our support email

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