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We’ve had a few merchants reach out to us asking questions relating to the following points:

  • According to our records, some or all your transactions processed through ePDQ are still invoking 3D Secure v1.
  • We have previously written to you about the Payment Services Directive (PSD2)
  • Avoid card declines by activating 3DS v2 before 15 October 2022

TL;DR – You are all good using our plugins. 

I’ll break down as much as I can, what this means, and how you can double-check your ePDQ account.

ePDQ recently sent out some emails to some merchants making them aware of changes to requirements for 3D Secure. We’ve known about this for some years. 3D Secure v2, along with PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) & SCA, was due to be released at some point back in 2019.

We updated all our plugins (not just for ePDQ) to support this new requirement, as it was a big effort to help with online fraud payments. 

Our $59 ePDQ (hosted payment page / redirect) plugin required minimal work for this, due to the fact that customers are sent to the ePDQ platform to complete their payment. Our other ePDQ plugin, $129 (direct payment), required a bit of work to support the new requirements.

All our plugins were updated to support this mid-2019. Sadly, the deadline for the new requirements got delayed (a few times) in the UK, see here.

The ePDQ platform has 3D Secure v2 embedded and is ready to go for everyone, so as long as you have 3D Secure enabled on your account (as seen in our setup guide) you should be good on that front.

How can you tell if an order was processed via v1 or v2?

This is fairly easy, you will need to log into your ePDQ account and navigate over to Operations >> View transactions, here you will be able to select some dates to look through.

Once you have selected your date range to check, you want to click the SHOW LIST button.

The date range I have selected has returned three orders, if you look closely at these, you will notice that there is a green tick for each; the green tick is a good sign that these orders have all been processed via 3D Secure V2.

We can look a little deeper into these orders to 100% confirm this. At the far left of each of these orders, you will see the Pay ID as a clickable button. Clicking this button will bring up deeper information on these orders.

In the middle of the page, you will see the green tick again, with the following text: Cardholder has been successfully identified! V2 challenge

We have now confirmed orders are being processed via 3D Secure v2.

But wait Aaron, I have a one or two with a blue tick, I hear you say.

There are a number of reasons why an order might have the blue tick and have been processed via v1.

Things like:

  • That the card either wasn’t registered or doesn’t exist.
  • Failure to identify (generic data being submitted)
  • Customers bank only works with 3D Secure v1

Having the odd one or two with the blue tick (v1) is fine. Usually you can see why they were processed via v1; let’s have a look at the above order as to why it didn’t go through v2.

This order was flagged with this message:

Cardholder not identified: liability shift rules to be applied (depending on transaction date and credit card country) V1

We can look a little deeper at this (if needed). Clicking the authentication log button will bring up the 3D Secure log for this order.

This order was pushed through v1, but the customer failed with processing through 3D Secure. 

But why was this order pushed through v1 and not v2?

Not all financial institutions (banks) are fully compliant with PSD2 (which is also called 3D Secure Version 2). In a case like this, the ePDQ platform rolls out version 1 instead. They mark transactions as such by adding “V1″/”V2” in the Back Office/parameter VERSION_3DS in the Reporting respectively.

If you process transactions via Hosted Payment Page (our $59 ePDQ plugin), the platform rolls out version 1 automatically for you.

Now what?

All our plugins (not just ePDQ) have supported PSD2 / 3D Secure v2 since 2019. At our end, you are all good.

But I would recommend that you log into your ePDQ account, double-check that 3D Secure is enabled (on the payment methods you use – Visa, Mastercard, etc). Run through a few orders and check for the green v2 tick (double-check by viewing deeper into these orders).

If you are still not 100% sure, or worried about something, reach out to the ePDQ support team, tell them your PSPID and ask them to confirm that the account is okay for v2.

Their email is here: epdqsupport@barclaycard.co.uk

I hope this helps, if you have any questions about or plugin, feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you.


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