End of an Era: What Sellxed’s Exit Means for WooCommerce Users

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We were surprised to learn that Sellxed is no longer selling payment gateway plugins for WooCommerce. We received a strange pre-sale email from a prospective customer asking about a particular payment plugin for their online store, having been advised that Sellxed were no longer offering WooCommerce or Magento plugins. It was only when I carried out my regular check on what other plugin providers were doing that I saw the announcement.


For the last 9+ years, we have been working hard to offer a more affordable alternative with a high level of support for merchants. We have been aware of Sellxed since 2014/2015, and we set an internal goal to strive for improvement, both for merchants and for the WooCommerce platform. They may be gone, but we will continue to not only maintain but also improve the standard of care for our customers.


In the early days of AG, when we didn’t have all the features we have now, we would refer merchants to Sellxed. At that time, we didn’t support subscriptions, but they did. So, to best help the merchant, we would always recommend that they speak to Sellxed. Our unwavering dedication means finding the best solution for WooCommerce merchants, even if that means sending you elsewhere.


Regarding the pre-sale query we received, we understand the concerns of the merchant, who could no longer use their chosen payment provider. If you are a Sellxed customer and are considering alternatives, if we offer a plugin for your selected provider, we warmly invite you to join us in this new chapter.


Although our portfolio is less extensive, we cover a range of providers. Our proven track record with support and updates will ensure you are in a good position. We continually update and work on new plugins to meet our customers’ needs.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information about how our plugins can serve your business.


I want to take a moment to recognise the incredible team at Sellxed for pushing us to aim higher and set ambitious goals. Their presence in the payment gateway plugin market has undoubtedly been a pivotal catalyst for our progress, motivating us to elevate our offerings and provide merchants with the very best.

Although we haven’t crossed paths directly, I am deeply grateful for their role in shaping industry standards and making our journey both rewarding and inspiring. Their departure marks the end of an era and is keenly felt. We sincerely wish all at Sellxed the very best as they embark on new ventures.


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