List of common errors and their fixes

While doing some tests or even while the site is live, errors seldom occur. This guide could be handy to find the fix for it, we listed the common errors and their fixes in here:

Invalid or missing parameter 200.300.404
– This error often occurs while the system fetches the payment’s status that has an invalid or a missing parameter.

Error Code
{"result":{"code":"200.300.404","description":"invalid or missing parameter - (opp) No payment session found for the requested id - are you mixing test/live servers or have you paid more than 30min ago?"},"buildNumber":"82d393aad4390f43d567cfe15346f9e89bda7fae@2018-05-25 08:09:59 +0000","timestamp":"2018-05-28 07:36:55+0000","ndc":"5a17f05d53944ae1b2fe3d22f03e0881"}

Possible Fixes

  • You are mixing up live end test endpoints
  • You have waited more than 30 minutes with step 3 and therefore the checkout id has expired
  • You are requesting the status with the checkout ID AND the parameters (username, password, entityId). If this is the case, remove the parameters form the request and use the checkout id only. For example
  • You are requesting the payment status for the second time. You can only request the status once with the checkoutID (after one time the checkoutID expires).

User authorization failed 800.900.300
– When you query the transaction result, you get a 800.900.300 code.

Error Code
{"result":{"code":"800.900.300","description":"user authorization failed"},"buildNumber":"82d393aad4390f43d567cfe15346f9e89bda7fae@2018-05-25 08:09:59 +0000","timestamp":"2018-05-28 07:47:02+0000","ndc":"577D442889CBE0BAB37802C38C0F8DA2.sbg-vm-tx01"}

Possible Fix

  • You have entered non matching authentication.userId and authentication.password

Invalid or missing entity type
– This issue often occurs when you want to to load the widget and you see the text below:

Payment cannot be completed.
Please contact support with following information:
invalid or missing entity type
ndc: E1C3CC6D2A9B407EF1F712A3CB262C13.prod01-vm-tx05
timestamp: Mon, 28 May 2018 07:49:33 GMT

Possible Fix

  • Ensure that the live endpoint you are using is not coming from the test credentials (authentication.userId and authentication.password) or vice versa.

checkoutId … is invalid
– An example message below shows up when this issue occurs:

Payment cannot be completed.
Please contact support with following information:
checkoutId ECABC8F625FA7B9FCA62BE620BE5D01A.sbg-vm-tx0 is invalid
ndc: 02f2b7ca10474cdda332f14feba3c53c
timestamp: Mon, 28 May 2018 08:22:12 GMT

Possible Fix

  • The checkoutid is not entered correctly when calling the widget
  • You are mixing up live and test credentials for your settings, ensure that you set the correct credentials for your live/test site accordingly

Found 0 transactions instead of 1
– This error is related to the registration ID, the message below shows up when this occur:

Payment cannot be completed.
Please contact support with following information:
Found 0 transactions instead of 1
ndc: AAA1BF472A22EFDE34BAA4E6E42FC011.sbg-vm-tx02
timestamp: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 08:08:52 GMT

Possible Fix

  • You are not using a valid registration id. Ensure that the registration id that you received when the card was stored is being used.

No Fast Checkout Brands Defined
– The copy and pay form tries to load the CheckoutID but fails to do so. The example message below would show up when this occurs:

Payment cannot be completed.
Please contact support with following information:
No fast checkout brands defined, displaying default brands.
ndc: b6b2024098044f1e871bd0bba2b1e984
timestamp: Mon, 05 Aug 2019 06:27:56 GMT

Possible Fix

Feel free to contact our support team if the error you encountered while using Open Payment Platform (OPP) COPYandPAY for WooCommere is not listed here and we’ll be glad to check it out and help you with it.

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