Dynamic templates

The dynamic template page allows you to customize the payment pages’ design in a more advanced way than the static template does.

When you use a dynamic template page, you fully design your own template page, leaving just one area on that page to be completed by the Ingenico Ogone system. The URL of your template page needs to be sent to Ingenico Ogone on the plugin settings page.

Please bear in mind that using a dynamic template page involves an additional request from the Ingenico Ogone system to look up your template page. This increases the time needed for the payment process.

In the back office site tabs section, click on ‘configuration,’ ‘technical information,’ and then ‘global security.’ Scroll down until you come to ‘allow the use of dynamic template’ and click ‘yes.’

Input the URL of the website page you created as your dynamic template, for example, payments-page.html, and your domain, for example,, as the trusted site hosting the template.

This configuration will need to be done for test and for life.

If you have issues or would like to know more, speak to the Ingenico Ogone team, they will be more than happy to help you with this. You can email them using this email address:



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