ECI error codes

What are ECI error codes, and what are they used for?
The ECI error codes are codes that First Data connect returns when something goes wrong with your transaction.
These error codes are helpful to you as the business owner and us the support team when we are debugging a problem. Usually, if we know what the error code means, we will know how to fix it.

Where can I find these error codes?

A) First Data Backoffice
You can see the error codes if you check your transaction reports.
Navigate from your First Data BackOffice account > Reports > Transactions > then you’ll have to filter the transactions that you’d want to see.

B) WooCommerce Order notes
The error codes can also be seen from your WooCommerce > Orders > view order screen >order notes.

What are the possible ECI error codes, and what do they mean?

  • N:-5103: Cardholder did not return from ACS
    The customer clicked on the link and then exited the payment at the 3ds screen.
  • N:-50653: Sent invalid currency or no currencies were set up for this store
    This means that the currency they selected is not valid for their store.
  • N:05: Do not honour
    Generic decline by the issuer.
  • N:-5003: The order already exists in the database
    The order has the same Order ID, so it will not be processed merchant must generate a new payment URL with a new invoice id, and this should allow the transaction to go through.
  • N:-5993: Cancelled by user
    The user canceled the transaction.
  • N:05: DECLINED
    Card issuer decline – the cardholder would need to ask their bank why they have declined it.
  • N:- 43232 Card Function not Supported
    On the POS screen, there’s a card function selector, whatever they’re selecting (credit/debit) is the opposite of the card number they submitted.
  • No Terminal Setup
    Merchant has attempted to take a transaction that they are not set up for, for example, merchant select retail when they are not set up to take face-to-face transactions.
  • N:-5996: Invalid card type
    The card number either is invalid, or the brand is unknown to the system (e.g. Discover).
  • N:-2303: Invalid credit card number
    The card number entered was not that of a valid credit card.
  • N:-5002: brand not supported
    the transaction was for a brand which your did not setup for

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