Testing and testing cards

We would strongly recommend implementing this extension in a development environment before putting it live.
You need to set up the Woocommerce store to use the test account details as supplied by the First Data Connect team.

We would also recommend setting up the “test” First Data Connect back-office and enabling the test mode within the settings page. The First Data Connect test environment looks like this:

At the time of this writing, You can then use the test-card number below to make sure that a transaction fully completes.

Card No.:
5239 2907 0000 0028
Expiry Date: Any date in future
Card Security Code: any three-digit value
4147 4630 1111 0083
Expiry Date: Any date in future
Card Security Code: 123

3-D Secure Test Data

The purpose of 3DS test cards is to simulate AUTHENTICATION responses, which means that they do not automatically guarantee approved AUTHORIZATION.
Here are some of the 3DS test cards you can use for such:

Card No.(Frictionless Fully Authenticated)
Expiry Date: Any date in future
Card Security Code: 123

Card No.(Frictionless Flow + 3DSMethod)
Expiry Date: Any date in future
Card Security Code: 123

You can read and check out more of the 3DS test cards from this link – 3D Secure Data

If these do not work anymore, you could contact the First Data Connect team here- or at their contact page here, and they’ll be able to supply you with the working ones.

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