Process refunds for Authipay via WooCommerce

For businesses, it’s important to have the ability to process refunds if a customer requests them. AIBMS Authipay provides an easy way to process them. Please take note that to enable the refund feature for our AIBMS Authipay, you will need to have your account’s API Key and Secret.

You can send a request for your API Key and Secret via e-mail from the AIBMS Authipay team where you will need to provide them with your Store ID within your request.

Using the Authipay REST API details in the plugin settings page allows you to process refunds via WooCommerce.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders and then select the order that you wish to refund.

Click the ‘Refund’ button, and then additional fields would display.

Set the quantity and then click Refund via AG Authipay, and in a few seconds or so, the order should have been refunded successfully.

What if there is an error?

That’s a bit unfortunate, but all problems in this world can eventually be fixed. You could contact our support, and one of our friendly support team members will sort out these issues for you.

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