Benefits of joining the worldwide community of WordPress users

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With more than 60 million website owners already using WordPress to update their websites, there are multiple incentives join the party and adopt this reliable content management system (CMS)

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform in the world – from its amazing simplicity of use to economic considerations. As an open-source platform with flexible architecture and user-friendly interface, WordPress has quickly become the primary tool for website owners all around the world. In fact, statistics show that more than 23% of the 10 million most visited websites in the world were based on this platform in January 2015, with a tendency for further growth. This goes to prove that WordPress is well-suited for heavy duty, while still accessible enough for a wider circle of users with limited technical capacities.

In addition to all the technical qualities it is known for, there is hidden value in the massive popularity of this solution. Belonging to a huge community of WordPress users is a privilege that brings some very tangible benefits to the table, no matter what type of a website or blog you are running. Here are some of the factors that should be considered when making a decision about the CMS platform:

Security features are well-tested

It is virtually impossible for any deficiencies to stay undetected for long when an army of users is on constant watch. No matter how minor and rarely manifested a flaw might be, it will certainly be noticed immediately given the number of dedicated tech-heads that actively follow every new upgrade of this CMS. Instead of gambling with a less known platform or trusting security issues into the hands of a developer tasked with creating a custom system for you, it is much better to quietly follow in the footsteps of others and stay protected at all times.

Templates and plug-ins make your life easier

There is a huge secondary market for WordPress users, allowing for extensive customization of the website without the need for professional development services. Thousands of high quality graphic templates are available to choose from when designing the website, with almost unlimited range of colour schemes and layouts. If the website is expected to perform some advanced functions, chances are this can be accomplished through a ready-made plug-in. No other CMS platform has such a broad level of external support and plug-and-play elements.

Great access to tutorials and advanced tips

Probably the main reason for unmatched popularity of CMS software is the fact that it allows people with little training to handle multimedia contents with ease. To make matters even better, WordPress community offers the luxury of abundant educational material available online for free. From beginner guides to expert advice, the internet is bursting with fantastic resources that can be used to accelerate the learning curve and acquire key content management skills in a very short time.

Inspiration is at your fingertips

Every website owner looks for ways to gain the upper hand on competition and tries to follow industry trends diligently. With WordPress, any new functions that your competition introduces can be added to your website in a hurry, often with negligible additional cost. Standardization in technical terms creates a level playing field for everyone, eliminating the advantages that large companies with big budgets once held. With WordPress, everything you see in one of those “best practices” articles can actually be realized in practice.

Innovation is accelerated by WordCamp conferences

Gatherings dedicated to WordPress development and practical utilization have been held around the world since 2007 under the name WordCamp. There were more than 350 such meetings in 48 different countries, typically with hundreds of developers and website owners in attendance and a panel of speakers that includes some of the best minds in the industry. It is no wonder that WordPress is constantly evolving when these conferences serve as incubators of innovation, as well as hubs for sharing the latest ideas and facts about the platform.

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