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As you probably already know about me, starting my own WordPress/WooCommerce development freelance business has been the best decision I’ve ever made. This has given me the chance to wake up every day to a world of creativity, unique projects and interesting clients from around the world. With that in mind, I thought it’s about time to give you an insight into the world of a WordPress and WooCommerce freelancer. Okay, I’ve got my coffee and the choccy biscuits, all ready to answer your questions:

How does your day as freelance WordPress/Woocommerce developer start?

I like to start my day early, and take some time for myself before I go into the office to work. It’s the perfect time to clear my mind, get some food and fresh air and prepare for the day. I do check out my emails just in case my clients have any emergency needs. After my morning routine I get straight into working on a project or developing one of my latest plugins, depending on what I have scheduled for that day.

Do You Have A BluePrint For Communicating With Clients Before You Start A Development Project?

I treat each client like a brand new relationship, as I think is one of the most important parts of a job well done. Good client management is the foundation of my business, so I start with getting to know my clients and really understanding their needs, and I continue that during the project and even after the job is completed. It’s always a win-win, because the clients are happy and I get repeat business.

I usually spend time communicating with the client before I take on the job, just to make sure that the project is a good match for both of us. I answer questions and get an idea of what type of WordPress/WooCommerce development the client needs. However, I think that the most important part is to keep building the trust and understanding with the client throughout the project and even after the job is completed. That is why I regularly check on my clients to see how they are getting on with their new WordPress project, and also provide guidance notes to help them along.

What Is The Best Part of Being a WordPress/WooCommerce Developer?

Honestly, there are so many of them to even mention. I am thrilled and thankful to be doing what I love and have my own WordPress / WooCommerce development business. I wake up every day to a world of creative challenges, where I get to learn and improve and become the best WordPress and WooCommerce developer I can be for my clients. I also love the relationships I’ve built with so many interesting clients from around the world and the unique projects I had the opportunity to work on.

Although freelancing is a solitary job, it’s never boring and you are never really alone as you get to work with new people all the time. The best part is that you have a choice to take on the work you like, and I think that makes a huge difference. I love what I do, so working hard comes natural to me.

What Challenges Do You Face As A Freelance WordPress / WooCommerce Developer?

It’s hard for me to answer this question, because I feel that I’m so lucky to work for myself and do what I love as a developer that I can’t complain about anything. There are of course some not so high points with freelancing, like with anything you have to work hard at. For me I would say one of the challenges is working very long hours, that can take away your social life and free time to spend with your loved one. Having an understanding partner helps with this part. Taking a holiday is another challenge. I work for myself as a freelance WordPress / Woocommerce developer and if I stop go on vacation my business also stops. There is of course the option to balance it out, where I work part time on vacation, or take small weekend breaks.

The development part of the job can also bring challenges. Since WordPress and WooCommerce are constantly changing, I have to keep up to date and quickly become an expert on everything that’s new in my field. Some other challenges are dealing with coder’s block or a complex project. For coder’s block, I spend time on personal development and research that can help me grow as a developer. I also enjoy connecting with other WordPress and WooCommerce freelancers that are in a similar situation with me. I try to emerge myself into the freelance community of developers and collaborate on projects or mentor other freelancers as often as I can.

When I complete a complex project I like to take time to reflect on it and really brainstorm how I can do things differently and better.

Do you think Working With a Freelance Developer Is Better Than Working With A Large Development Company?

Definitely. I think working with a WordPress / WooCommerce freelancer gives clients a personal experience. I believe in offering bespoke services, tailored completely to the client’s needs. The truth is that every client is different, their business and their needs are unique. And even if the business is common, it’s important to make sure their website and brand stands out in a unique way. So I work hard to offer the clients that personalized service, and that is through communication and the fact that I work on the project myself. Often in large companies you don’t talk directly with the developer and that can result in some of your requirements being missed out. With a freelancer, you have one point of contact and that person is the developer on your WordPress / WooCommerce project. It can’t get more bespoke than that!

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