Affiliated WooCommerce Worker – Officially An Industry Expert

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It’s official, AG Design Studio has been recognised as an affiliated WooCommerce Worker!!!
If you’re wondering what that is and why it’s beneficial to work with an industry expert, read on.

What Is An Affiliated WooCommerce Worker?

An affiliated WooCommerce worker is one that has been officially recognised by WooThemes as a specialist in their products such as WooCommerce. We are so excited that WooThemes has recognised the hard work and high quality services that we offer here at AG Design Studio.
Being recognised as an expert in the industry is a great privilege.

Who Is WooThemes?

WooThemes is an industry leading provider of WordPress themes & plugins such as WooCommerce. Founded in 2008, it was one of the very first companies to offer premium WordPress themes and it has grown ever since.

In 2011, WooThemes launched WooCommerce, a plugin that turned WordPress into a full eCommerce solution. As of today, WooCommerce powers 24% of all eCommerce websites. That’s more than 663,153 websites!

Affiliated WooCommerce Workers are selected in recognition of the quality and scope of their Customisation work with WooCommerce. Therefore, when you work with us you are sure to get the highest quality standards on the market.

If you want to check out our Affiliated WooCommerce Worker page, click here.

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