WestPay for WooCommerce

Transform the Way You Accept Payments with WestPay - The All-In-One Solution for Your WooCommerce Store

Version 1.1.0
Updated 24 Jul 2023
An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year unless cancelled.

Unlock Your WooCommerce Store’s Full Potential with WestPay. Our plugin offers:

  • The ability to process refunds directly from your WooCommerce admin panel
  • 3D Secure V2 authentication for enhanced security
  • Compliance with PSD2 and SCA requirements
  • We support all major credit cards, as well as Klarna

Improve payment processing and increase customer satisfaction on your online store with our plugin, which offers both card and Klarna as payment options. Effortless integration, quick and secure payment processing, and easy management of refunds directly from your WooCommerce panel.

Sign up now to get started with our WestPay for WooCommerce and start accepting more payment methods on your store.

  • Compatibility

    The plugin is compatible and has been tested for WordPress 6.4.2 and WooCommerce 8.3.1 We continue to check compatibility with each new version.

  • Payment Type And Information

    Our WestPay payment gateway plugin is an iframe gateway, which means that payment is taken directly on your website. To use this plugin, you must be SAQ-A PCI compliant and have an SSL in place to ensure the security of your customers' payment information.

  • Supported Payment Methods

    Easily accept multiple payment methods on your WooCommerce store with our payment gateway plugin. We support all major credit cards, as well as Klarna. This allows your customers to choose their preferred payment method, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

  • Support For Automatic Refunds

    Our plugin allows shop employees to process refunds for orders paid with WestPay directly from within the WooCommerce admin panel. This eliminates the need to log in to your WestPay account to process refunds, saving time and making it easier to manage your store's finances.

  • Full Documentation

    Our plugin comes with full documentation to ensure you can easily set it up step by step. This eliminates the risk of getting lost or stuck during the installation process, making it quick and easy to get started.

  • Storing Strong API Credentials

    Our plugin allows you to define your API credentials on your website, enhancing security and protecting your sensitive information from hackers. This simple change can help prevent unauthorized access to your API details.

  • Translation Ready

    Our plugin is compatible with WPML and other translation tools, making it easy to get set up and working in your language of choice. This eliminates the need to translate the plugin yourself or hire a translator, saving you time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a plugin the download links are emailed to you. If you lose this original email, you can login via our account page, you can also request a new password from the account page.

We have a blog post with some helpful information on PCI compliance, you can read it here. If you still have questions let us know.

You’re buying a plugin product from us, but it comes backed by our service: we work to continually add new features, important security updates, and efficient customer support. We thus use annual subscriptions to ensure we can continue bringing these benefits to you.

No, there is no special lifetime formula available at the moment. You can only buy an annual license.

If you’re on a monthly plan, yes, the plugin will no longer work. if you’re on an annual plan, the plugin will continue to work but you will no longer receive support and updates, which could affect compatibility with future WordPress & WooCommerce versions.

Yes, your licence should work on your staging environment without affecting any site limits. However, should you experience any problems, do get in touch and we’ll do out best to help.

We offer a 30-day guarantee, If you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund.

The licence is an annual subscription which you may cancel at any time. While your licence is current, you may update the plugin as new versions are released. Once your licence expires, you will no longer be able to update to newer releases, but the plugin will continue to function.

WooCommerce & WordPress are continually evolving and being updated, which means we frequently need to make changes to the plugin to ensure continuing compatibility. In order to update the plugin as new versions are released, you need to have an active licence. Your licence effectively provides you with insurance against issues with the plugin.


Keeping your WordPress platform up-to-date is crucial for maintaining the security and compatibility of your website. As a plugin provider, we regularly check our plugins with the latest versions of WordPress to ensure optimal performance. We highly recommend updating to the latest version of WordPress whenever possible, but please note that our plugins are tested with WordPress version 5.5+.


Our plugins require WooCommerce, and we recommend using the latest version of WooCommerce for optimal performance. We also regularly check our plugins with the latest versions of WooCommerce to ensure compatibility. The minimum version of WooCommerce required is 6.0+.

PHP & Server Settings

Your website’s PHP version and server settings are critical factors that can affect your site’s security and performance. We recommend using a server with PHP version 7.3 or higher to ensure optimal performance and security. Before setting up a website on WordPress, we also suggest checking the platform’s requirements.

Regarding server settings, there is no specific minimum requirement as long as your server can handle the actions performed by our plugins or any other active plugins on your site. Typically, a standard hosting package should suffice. However, since our plugins require WooCommerce, we recommend checking their article on server recommendations as well. At our end, we regularly check our plugins with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce & PHP versions to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


Support for WooCommerce HPOS - Coming in Woo 8.0.
New helper function to clear old logs.
Bump tested WooCommerce (7.8).
Freemius SDK updated.
Bump tested WooCommerce (7.7).
Freemius SDK updated.
Bump tested WooCommerce (7.5).
Freemius SDK updated.
First release.


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