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Moto orders

In Barclaycard epdq it is possible to take phone/manual orders (in Operations>New Transactions) that are marked as Moto. Barclaycard have said to me “any MOTO transaction needs to be flagged as such; the back office New Transaction screen would do so natively, whereas a Direct Link request would have a specific input parameter (ECI) declaring […]

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1 vote

Apple Pay

Support Apple Pay via Barclaycard.

2 votes

Integration with Pre-Order Plugin (ePDQ Direct)

WooCommerce have a useful Pre-order plugin. In these unpredictable times, the ability to allow customers to pre-order items which have not yet arrived in stock should be a pritority.

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4 votes

Easier 3D secure reporting

Can we please have an easier way to see 3D secure status in the ePDQ server plugin? It would save me having to read all the data sent from Barclays.

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