This is what happens when your customer or client makes a purchase or payment on your website.

Step 1. On your shopping cart or payment page, your customer selects Visa Checkout as their payment method. Visa securely serves up the Visa Checkout Payment Widget and loads it over your web page.
Step 2. Your customer is then prompted to sign in to their Visa Checkout account or create a new Visa Checkout account before proceeding.
Step 3. Your customer reviews their payment information within the Visa Checkout Payment Widget, makes any changes they want to their payment instrument or shipping information, and clicks the Continue or Pay button to send their information to you.
Step 4. Control of the order is returned to your website and your customer submits their order.
Step 5. You confirm the final purchase details to Visa Checkout when you display the Thank You or Order Confirmation page in your check out flow.

Visa Checkout Settings

First, you will need to set up an account with Visa Developer, here you will be able to register with Visa’s sandbox environment (This is needed as you are required to test the gateway on your website multiple times).

Once you have created your project (Payment methods should be set to Visa Checkout) you will be able to create your API keys, this will be in the Credentials tab. You will need both API key and Shared secret for the plugin.


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