How to refund using Tyl

As of now, we can only provide the refunds paid through Tyl via their back end office while our team is waiting for their API release that would allow us to proceed refunds via WooCommerce/Wordpress dashboard.

It’s pretty simple to proceed with a refund once your customer requested for one, start with logging in the TYL back office.
Afterwards, proceed in Reports >> Orders >> then you will be prompted with the “View Orders” query, set the time of when the order to be refunded, for example, it is within this month, you can set the time period to “This Month” like so:
View Orders

After submitting the query, select the order from the table by clicking on the order number:
Click on the Order number to proceed

In the next window, you will be able to enter the amount to be returned for the specific order:
Enter the amount and click on Return Order
The next prompt would be the credit order result that would let you know if the refund proceeded:

Feel free to let our support team knows if you need some clarification regarding this and we’ll be glad to help.

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