What is error “40001134 : Authentication failed” and what do you do if you encounter this error?

You might have noticed that an order has failed from your WooCommerce order dashboard. Upon checking the order notes, you may notice an error that says “Order status changed from Pending payment to Failed” and “Barclays ePDQ transaction was refused”.

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There is a chance that you’ll also see the error code: 40001134

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What is this error?

This error usually occurs when transactions that were requested to be authenticated through 3-D secure have failed.
This is actually a positive rejection from a security perspective because it means that fraud attempts are prevented. However, there is a chance that some were legitimate customers who were unable to authenticate themselves

What can I do if I encounter this error and can I prevent this from happening?

There are possible reasons why a customer may fail 3D secure. It’s possible that the customer who purchased the product had a technical problem with their device or network, or forgotten their pin code during the payment process. These are factors that we cannot control hence, what we recommend is to have these customers repurchase the products and try again ensuring that they have a stable connection and have ensured that they’ve entered their details properly.

If the error persists, you are always welcome to contact our support team, and we’ll be glad to assist you with this.

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