Pending/Failed transactions

If you have noticed a higher number of pending or failed transactions within WooCommerce, this is most likely caused by the customer closing the browser or moving to another website before the ePDQ system has had a chance to redirect them back to the website.

Luckily this can be fixed by enabling the Direct HTTP server-to-server request in the Transaction feedback section.

Some hosting providers may block this feature from working. The following hosts have no issues using this feature: 34SP, SiteGround, and WPE (WP Engine); if you notice that this feature is not working for you, please work with your host to get this sorted.

The timing of the request must be set to: Always deferred or Online (either or will work fine).

Both input fields below that must be set like the following:

Here’s a quick explanation of what each part of the URL means:
/wc-api/ – This triggers the WooCommerce API
/epdq_checkout/ – This is our plugins endpoint; the following is passed over to our plugin.
?callback=y – This is to trigger the logic gate in our plugin for the callback (Direct HTTP server-to-server request)
PARAMVAR=<PARAMVAR> – The first part is the parameter name (PARAMVAR), the second part is some code to get the order id when an order is made data to the ePDQ system, one of the parameters we send is PARAMVAR.
Replace with your own domain.

Finally, make sure to set the request method to POST.

If the customer clicks away, the ePDQ system will send the order data back to the website to log the correct order data.

How will you know if this has worked? If you enable our plugin’s debug log, you will see an entry like this: API call back happened. This means the plugin received the data sent back from Barclays. The Direct HTTP server-to-server feature is working as it should.

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