Is Adyen down? where to check the system status of your payment provider?

As a business owner, you want to always ensure that payments goes through without any issues from your site to your chosen payment provider. Our plugins are deeply integrated with their own respective payment providers and in the event that these payment providers were to experience downtime or if there are any issues from their end, you’ll be able to know by visiting this status page that we’ve integrated in our website (powered by Instatus).

The page displays all the status of all the existing payment providers that our plugins have integrated with for the last 90 days.


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If something goes wrong for a particular payment provider (e.g. reported downtime), the status would change (percentage and color wise – red , orange and green) and an incident report would automatically be generated. You can check the incident records and history by scrolling at the very end of the page.

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Why create a status page?
In certain scenarios (specially when debugging an issue), we may need to check the status of these payment providers and see whether it is related to an issue raised within our support system. It also provides our customers a convenient place to check if their payment providers are online.

How can you get notified if a payment provider reports downtime / incidents?
You can get updates automatically via your email by subscribing from the “Get updates” button.

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What do you do if a payment provider reports downtime?
If you’ve receive a notification or if the status page reports downtime, the best thing to do first is to check the incident history and see what type of incident was reported. You’ll then need to check your WooCommerce orders and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary (are payments being taken properly etc,).

If you were able to confirm that something went wrong with your orders at the same time that the downtime was reported, kindly reach out to our support team¬†and we’ll do our best to investigate the issue for you.

We also recommend reaching out to your payment provider’s support team and to report the issue. They should be able to see whether they can do something from their end and provide you additional information (e.g. until when the downtime is expected and when will the system be fixed).

We provide the means to integrate with these payment providers however as these are handled by their own entities (companies), the status of these services are not within what we control. What we can assure you is that we’ll work with you and your payment provider to ensure that your issues are sorted out with the best of our abilities.


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