What are WooCommerce Checkout Blocks? 2021 Guide

April 7, 2021 . by Gina Lucia . . in Blog

Ever since the release of Gutenburg for WordPress, the website building world has been switching to blocks. WooCommerce is no different, and WooCommerce checkout blocks represent the next step towards entirely block-based page building for online stores. In this article, we’ll recap the story of WooCommerce blocks so far and where we’re up to regarding […]

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WooCommerce Checkout Blocks and Payment Gateways

March 25, 2021 . by Aaron B . . in Blog

We are super proud to be one of the first WooCommerce payment gateway providers to support WooCommerce checkout blocks! WooCommerce Checkout Blocks are coming to WooCommerce. If you have been around WordPress for some time you will have heard of Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor). As a WooCommerce plugin developer, it’s important that we keep […]

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How to Setup First Data Connect for WooCommerce

March 17, 2021 . by Gina Lucia . . in Blog

So you’ve set up your online Woocommerce store. Your products are looking great and the theme is functioning smoothly. Now comes the crucial part – adding payment functionality.  But not all payment gateway solutions are the same. Some only offer a few payment methods and others, such as First Data Connect, give you as many […]

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ePDQ Direct Link 3.1.0 – Manual and automatic order status check

March 5, 2021 . by Aaron B . . in news

We have just rolled out our ePDQ Direct Link 3.1.0 update and it’s a big one! I’m super excited to show you what the new features are! New Features While this release is a “minor” update, there are two big new features I want to talk about. As always, we recommend that you take a […]

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The We are AG Team is Expanding

February 15, 2021 . by Gina Lucia . . in news

Here at We are AG, we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our team to benefit you, our plugin customers.  So this year we’ve added two new members to our team. One will allow us to offer faster support for you and the other is on hand to provide tutorials and guides to […]

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How to Setup Lloyds Cardnet Connect in WooCommerce

February 10, 2021 . by Gina Lucia . . in Blog

Setting up a secure, reliable, and fast payment method is probably the most vital aspect of setting up your online store. While there are many options out there, Lloyds Cardnet Connect is one of the most reputable in the industry. It’s also one that’s used by thousands of ecommerce business owners.  So, in this guide, […]

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2020 yearly round-up

December 31, 2020 . by Aaron B . . in Business

I’ve never been so glad to see the end of a year as I have with 2020. Which is weird, in some ways, because we’ve had our most successful year to date! (in the middle of a global pandemic – WTF?!) I have been glued to the news, like most people, throughout the year and […]

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How to Set up Tyl by NatWest Payment Method in WooCommerce

November 4, 2020 . by June Nacpil . . in Blog

Tyl by NatWest for WooCommerce basically allows you to integrate the Tyl online payment solution and have it process payments for you. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the step-by-step instructions for you to set up using our Tyl by NatWest payment gateway as easily as possible. Additionally, we’ll talk about what Tyl is and […]

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How to Setup Postfinance e-Payment for WooCommerce

October 2, 2020 . by June Nacpil . . in Blog

PostFinance being integrated into a WooCommerce shop as a payment gateway is one of the things that you might have thought about doing as you work on your e-commerce site. After taking a sip of your hot cup of coffee/tea, you’ve opened the ever so reliable – Google, searched if that’s possible, and found your […]

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How to Setup the Viveum Multipay Payment Method for WooCommerce

September 14, 2020 . by June Nacpil . . in Blog

Looking for a WooCommerce payment gateway plugin that integrates with Viveum? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! In this guide, we’ll be discussing the step-by-step instructions for you to set this up as easy as possible. Additionally, we’ll talk about what Viveum is and why you might want to use it in WooCommerce as your payment […]

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