I can describe myself as a WordPress and WooCommerce expert, occasional blogger and newly converted digital nomad. Not always in this order.

I am also a very lucky chap because I have been able to turn my passion for web development into a successful business. My journey started out as a WordPress developer and trusted WooCommerce worker. After many years working for large and small web design companies building bespoke themes, I yearned for the freedom and flexibility that a freelance career allows and slowly made the transition into building custom WooCommerce solutions. Over the time I had the opportunity to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience, and more than a bit of passion for all things WordPress.

I found my true calling one day after I was running into issues with some payment gateway plugins I had to implement for a client – to become a WooCommerce gateway plugin developer myself! Since then, my business has grown steadily and now my products are widely used by big brands, small online shops and government agencies.

I am also an occasional blogger and my desire for professional freedom has now extended to a desire for geographical freedom, too. My recent and upcoming adventures only serve to fuel my creativity and imagination, which I hope is reflected in my work – work that I enjoy all the more with a beautiful sea vista ahead of me!